The Ranch

Our working ranch comes fully dressed with 2 barns, horse tack, training equipment, hay, wash racks, round pins, riding arena's, horse trailer, dirt canyon roads and much more. This location is set back in a beautiful mountain range.

A Frame House

This 3 story house is fully dressed with 3 bedrooms 2 bath, rustic kitchen, 2 living rooms, rustic basement bar, 2 wood burning fire places, crafting room, and reading nook over looking the mountains. The out door area's include a lazy river swimming pool with a island (the pool can be heated to hot tub temps)  BBQ area, large cabana, huge patio area, a secret garden with fish pond, fully dresses garden shed and garage, wood stacks, wooden patio and dog kennels.

Mines & Pond

There are 3 wooden mines on location with lots of old mining gear, signs, bottles, and tanks. The mines range from 5-10 feet deep. The pond is 2 feet deep and 15 feet long surrounded by sand. (the pond can be heated to hot tub temps)