Chelsie Coulombe Owner / Trainer / Wrangler / Rider

Studio Steeds, Chelsie Coulombe, Horses for Production in Los Angeles, CA

Chelsie is SAG/AFTRA, 399 teamster and 399 Equine Hauler, Class A & M driver. She started studio work at age 16. She drives semi trucks, water tenders does stunts, acting, modeling, precision driving and wrangling.  

"Tiger" Master Horseman / Rider

Tiger is SAG/AFTRA, and is an accomplished rider. She is a stunt woman, precision driver, model and actress. 

"Sam" Wrangler / Rider

Sam is SAG / AFTRA, pro barrel racer,  wrangler, stunts, acting and modeling. 

"Noemi" Assistant Wrangler / Rider

Noemi has come to us from Switzerland and has been invited to join the Swiss Cutting Team.  She is an accomplished rider and model. 

"Lia" Assistant Wrangler / Rider

Lia is SAG/AFTRA and has worked in studios for 15 years.